What brands are american made?

Maybe you like to support American made brands, or you might just like to know where your tools come from. Either way, we have a list of some of the best brands we offer that are made exclusively in the USA.

1. Gatorbar

Gatobar is the self-proclaimed “America’s Rebar”, and boasts that it is the only 100% USA made composite rebar. We think that’s pretty cool. Gatorbar is made in Michigan’s upper penisula and you can learn all about their story here. 

Products to Consider:

Upcoming from Gatorbar

Gatobar has announced a new “sliver-free” rebar coming in 2023. No gloves needed!

You can shop Gatorbar at Northwest Contractors Supply – we are the only place in Wyoming selling Gatorbar.

Bonus: See our product review below!


2. Klein Tools

According to the Klein Tools website, the “vast majority” of their tools are made in the USA, and they have maintained a commitment to manufacture their tools in America ever since they were founded in 1857. 

Klein focuses on electrical and utility applications, and is one of the most trusted brands among electricians. They manufacture a variety of tools. 

Where can I buy Klein Tools?

We sell a variety of Klein Tools at both of our locations, Casper and Laramie. If you are looking for product videos, Klein has an extensive library here. 


3. Spears Manufacturing

Spears Manufacturing Company manufactures plastic molded pipe fittings and valves. The Company specializes in swing joints, inserts, nipples, fume and air ducts, acid waste systems, strainers and other fabricated fittings. 

Where can I buy Spears Parts?

You can purchase Spears Manufacturing products at our Laramie location. Browse all Spears products we offer on our online store.


Nibco is a family-owned and operated business since 1904. They are a leading provider of valves, fittings, and flow control products for commercial, industrial and institutional construction, Navy marine, as well as residential and irrigation markets. They are headquartered in Indiana. 

Where can I buy NIBCO?

You can purchase NIBCO products at our Laramie location. Browse all products we offer on our online portal here



For over 60 years Fill-Rite Pumps have been manufactured in Fort Wayne, Indiana. More recently they expanded to a manufacturing site in Lenexa, Kansas. They provide Pumps & Accessories to several different industries.


Where can I buy Fill-Rite?

You can purchase Fill-Rite products at Northwest Contractors Supply! If you are wondering what products we have available, you can give us a call or stop by the store.


6. Estwing

 Estwing has been manufacturing American-made tools for nearly 100 years. They specialize in specialty hammers, axes, and pry bars and are trusted by the construction industry. Their tools are made in Rockford, Illinois. 

Where can I buy Estwing?

You can find Estwing both our Casper and Laramie stores, or online. If you want to learn more about their products, they have a large selection of product videos here. 


7. Kraft Tools

According to their website, Kraft Tools has been manufacturing in the USA since 1981. Kraft specializes in tools for Concrete, Masonry, Drywall, Plaster and Tile. 

Where can I buy Kraft Tools?

You can find Kraft Tools at Northwest Contractors Supply. Call us or visit to see what we have available. 



These innovative gas cans are 100% made in the USA, and prevent spillage like conventional cans. The spout is on the bottom, and there is a thumb control button on the top to prevent leaking.

Where can I buy Sure Can Gas Cans?

You can find these fuel containers at both of our locations. 

There are certainly more American-made companies out there, but all of these can be found at our Casper or Laramie locations. What do you think? Do you have a favorite American-made brand that we missed?